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Siks -- BH series

Skis BH series is mainly designed for intermediate skiers and adults, we produce each piece of snowboard to go through six production departments, the use of imported CNC machine tools to deal with poplar wood core, to ensure the accuracy of the core thickness. Import transfer and screen printing equipment, to ensure the color of the pattern. The company established an advanced quality supervision system, each production process has a strict staff self-inspection requirements, on this basis to establish the inspection system to ensure product quality.

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Product Quality Management System


Easy to handle skis in any kind of high mountain terrain are very important for the novice touring skier, namely, ski beginners. The StepSnow range was created for this client group. These skis have an ultra-modern geometry as well as a light construction which still performs well in any conditions. Except for the products we have shown, we have many other snowboards and also we support OEM. This series of skiboards is a perfect ski range for your first peaks!