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 A skier following the fall line will reach the maximum possible speed for that slope. A skier with skis pointed perpendicular to the fall line, across the hill instead of down it, will accelerate more slowly. The speed of descent down any given hill can be controlled by changing the angle of motion in relation to the fall line, skiing across the hill rather than down it. 

Professional skiboards

Each piece of the snowboard we produced needs to go through six production departments. We use imported CNC machine tools to deal with poplar wood core, ensure the accuracy of the core thickness. We use import transfer and screen printing equipment to ensure the color and pattern of our snowboards. Our company established an advanced quality supervision system including strict staff self-inspection requirements and  inspection system, both of them to ensure our product quality with the first being the second’s basis.

Skiboards of this kind benefit from wide progressive tip and tail which are respectively of 132mm and 118mm so that the skiboards can absorb shocks with stability in any kind of terrain at high speeds. To realize stable effect, we use imported IS ABS side strengthen material to help the skiboards. It also can closely integrate with the inside of the board, so that the board is more stable and durable.

This high-level boards can increase the flexibility and reduce its weight by arranging the carbon fiber in two-axis with both 0 degrees and 90 degrees, two-axis positive and negative 45 degrees complete carbon fiber, poplar and bamboo wood core specially. This design can improve the shock absorptive effect while the board is starting in the sharp turn and working at a high speed. This product is an excellent choice for customers who pursuit the experience of alpine skiing.

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