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What's the difference between snowboard freestyle, park snowboard, all-around snowboard?


Park snowboard is included in the generalized freestyle snowboard. Freestyle can be divided into two categories: Jib and Jump. Strictly speaking, pipe, also called U-shaped pool, belongs to another class, here we also put it into Jump series snowboard. Generally speaking, park snowboard is designed for Jib. The snowboard is very short, very soft, very flexible but lack grip ability and stability. Frankly speaking, freestyle board generally refers to the board designed for platforms. Slightly longer than the park snowboard, but shorter than other types of snowboards. The board is harder so that it has better bounce and buffer ability. Its flexibility is slightly inferior to the park board, but its grip ability is much better.


All mountain snowboard pursuits versatility which means that one board can do anything. It can not only do Jib and Jump, but also go to both the outside and inside of the road. But versatility also has its short-comes. In specific projects, it would be less professional. But no matter what the project is, it won’t be difficult for skiers to play. All mountain board is also divided into All mountain freestyle and All mountain freeride. The former emphasis on fancy, the latter emphasis on road outside playing.


Finally, in terms of my personal experience, as amateurs, the three types of snowboards can work on any terrain. I only have a freestyle board and use it everywhere. Some friends play Jib with all mountain snowboards, play under the wild with park board and they are playing very happy. But the skiers can still feel the differences. For example, when in the wild, the skiers must feel very hard to pressure plate tail lift head and they are easy to fatigue with non-freeride board. At small slopes, it is easy to sink. Much less flexible than freeride snowboard. In the road circle, I can do buttering very well with my own board. But after tried a special park flat small board, I feel the difference. You do not have to force the circle to completely stop down.