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Which skis or snowboard to choose for ski beginners?


Snowboards: As for junior skiers, generally their skiing technologies do not involve big turns or even turns. You should use a relatively soft and easy-to-control snowboard, which is neither too heavy nor too long. The length of snowboard or twin snowboards is basically between the skier’s jaw and nose. This is the perfect size for junior skiers to choose. If too long, it would be inconvenient for skiers to slide, too bulky makes it hard for skiers to control; if too short, once the speed is high, the snowboard will be unstable. Both the tip and toe of the snowboard might be slightly wobbling around on both sides, makes it difficult for skiers to control. The strength of the ski bindings can not be too strong. Also, you must assure that the ski bindings will not fall off when you are skiing as you would be so easily to get hurt. The strength can’t be too weak either as if so a forced turn may automatically make the bindings fall off. For general primary ski lovers, the stiffness index should be between 3-4; for intermediate skiers, 5-6; advanced skiers, 7-10. And as for professional athletes, 12-16.

For professional athlete competition standard,the shortest male snowboard swing length mustn’t be lower than 165mm. For women, no shorter than 155mm. As for small turns, there would be a door set at an average of 13 meters space. If a spiral door or a snake-shaped door is set, then the space would be around 7-6 meters. As for giant slalom(GS), the length requirement about men's snowboard should be no less than 185mm; as for women, the length should be no less than 175mm, with doors on an average distance of 23 meters. The length of the line differs greatly, so does the length of snowboard. Now seldom of the skiers would do giant slalom(GL) as the speed is too fast for the skiers’ safety, the speed of small slalom(SL) is slower, yet it’s more entertained and much appreciable than giant slalom(GS). If you mastered turnings, you can ski on any kind of ski resort. Most skiers would like to learn turnings to improve their ski technology.

As for skiing enthusiasts, you’d best choose you own skis according to your own physical fitness and the best choose proportion to select the length of the snowboard or skis. Again, the the length is too long, the board would be inflexible and it would be difficult for the skiers to control the board while turning. If the snowboard or skis is too short, once the speed is up, the snowboard or skis would wobbling to make it hard for skiers to control so that the stability would be not so good or even more, insecure.