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Fear is sometimes good for skiers!


Most skiers have a sense of fear in order to keep themselves vigilant and safe. But if one is so fear that it gets too nervous, that will hinder the improvement of its ski technology, which in turn leads to insecurity in many cases. Try to cooper the tension and relaxation while one is skiing on  the ski slope with a relatively high speed to achieve psychological and physical breakthroughs, this is the dialectics of skiing as well as one of the eternal charm of it.

For beginners, the most important thing is to overcome the fear. My recommendation is try to improve step by step based on their own situation, do not rush and try to build the castle in one night! If you want to make skiing a long-term sport item, you should strengthen the basic skills from the beginning. Many friends mentioned before "brave to fall" to overcome the fear is not desirable as it is easy to cause accidental injury. The following specific recommendations to share are bellow:

1, Hire a professional coach. Coach is not only to help beginners to improve ski technology. More importantly, through the correct guidelines to protect the safety of guests. Hire a coach or rely on a mature experience of skiing friends, for beginners to overcome all kinds of psychological fear to help the largest.

2, Try to choose wide enough and moderate slopes with few skiers to practice to reduce the fear of collision or speed out of control.

3, In the case of unskilled brake technology, learn more through the initiative side of the brakes to brake.

4, In trying to have some challenges at the slope, the use of decomposition method would be divide the snow slope into multiple small sections while adopting oblique glide decomposition slope. The so-called sharpening workmanship is in fact for beginners to practice in the primary road more patiently to lay the foundation rather than hurry to conquer the secondary road wise.