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NORTEC Snow Cannon Description


Market Status and Analysis of It:

With the promotion of the 2022 winter Olympic Games, Beijing and Zhangjiakou have been national ski centers which forms the 300 million people’s glorious vision and big dreams of ice and snow. According to statistics, before 2015, China's ski industry is showing a rapid growth trend. After hearing the news about the winter Olympic Games, China attaches great importance of ski industry that its government published some relevant preferential policies and supports to make this industry show a blowout growth. So far, the number of annual ski growth and skiing population base are increasing rapidly for almost several times and the increase speed is amazing. Since then, it became very easy for 300 million people to realize their dreams to ski on snow. At present, the ski industry has gradually become a new leader in tourism industry, in addition to large ski resorts, in recent years, small and medium-sized ski resorts have become the highlight of the city and slowly formed the industrialization and popular new trends.

Product Description

NORTEC snow cannon has great design concept and adopts advanced technology in Europe. Special materials made of fine crystal-like water forms the spray system of this machine with the best proportion of water and air mixing effect, can make snow efficiently in the critical temperature. With fully automatic operating system, you can operate the machine through your phone or PC when they are connected to wifi. Its precision and technical level is leading the international snow industry.


1. Characteristics and Advantages

Computer control: With NORTEC snow making machine’s control system design, one can control the machine all by the PC which means that the machine can be a fully automatic control machine. It can also be converted into manual operation with a variety of operating parameters set by the computer to complete and display on the text display.

Automatic alarm: When a fault occurs, the alarm sounds immediately and the fault is displayed on the text display.

System connection: wireless connection, with a mobile phone or computer direct operation system. It is the most advanced operating system currently.

Snow volume: snow production can reach up from 25 to 100 cubic meters per hour. Its high-power axial fan makes the snow making space bigger and the snow making range greater. 310 high-efficiency nozzles make high-pressure water spray more efficiently so that the machine can work in a higher ambient temperature and humidity conditions as well as create better and greater snow.

Fine snow : fine snow, low water content.

Making snow efficiently: snow making condition is the environment temperature below 0 degrees, humidity below 80%. Hairdryer and blades are made of special materials to prevent the cylinder and fan from freezing. The perfect shape of leaf fan lay a solid foundation for its unique advantages such as large flow, high pressure, low noise. New blade air compressors and oil-free air compressors are available to ensure high flow and high pressure compressed air. The unique compressed air condensation system makes the performance of the nuclear nozzle better which can effectively improve the snow temperature and ensure the quality of snow. Aluminum alloy nozzle block with high strength and cold resistance are made to withstand high pressure, resistance to ultra-low temperature performance better to ensure the stability of the nozzle system. The filter box is equipped with a high density filter mesh the size of which is 200. Four water ring valves are to adjust the volume of water.

The elevation angle of the hairdryer can be adjusted from 0 ° to 45 ° as needed. The level rotation angle of the snow gun can be reached to 180 °and it can be adjusted both manually and automatically. Thus constitute the condition of snow gun working in the three-dimensional space.

With heating parts to prevent some parts which are fragile facing low temperature, the snow gun can effectively prevent the occurrence of freezing.

With three tires and a traction frame, you can move the snow machine by towing it with a vehicle; the fork frame makes it possible for the forklift to move the snow machine; the helicopter hoisting hook on the top provides another operation for snow gun transportation which is helicopter transport.

The chassis is equipped with a manual jack to fix the snow gun.

A level is set to adjust the placement of snow machine.

Thermometer, humidity meter are set to measure the ambient temperature and humidity.