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Operation of ski conveyor belt


1. boot, master.

Turn the opening/closing brake to closing and the current / voltage would be displayed on the voltmeter while the touch screen would display and guide you to turn the main control / external knob to the main control position. Then the touch screen display that the master control system is running, stop the indicator light, turn on the screen, press the start button, adjust the manual transfer to appropriate speed, the ski conveyor belt will operate from slow to fast to adjust the speed of operation to proper. Turn on the start light, the touch screen panel indicator flashes and the stop indicator goes off.

2. Stop

Press the stopper button, the magic carpet would lower its speed from the current speed and stop, the running indicator light goes off, the stop indicator light opens.

3. Remote control

Turn the opening / closing knob to closing position, rotate the main control / external control knob to the external control position, touch screen display that the remote operation start. Press the remote control start button, press the speed control ↑ button to improve the magic carpet running speed, press Speed ↓ button to reduce the magic carpet running speed, press the stop button and the magic carpet would stop running.

4. Heating

The heating system can be manually and regularly heated.

Manual instant heating operation, touch the left heating button on the touch screen, the left heating light flashes and the left heating operation starts. Touch the right touch button on the touch screen, the right heating light flashes and the right heating operation runs. In order to buffer the left and right heating system at the same time the start current is too large regardless either part should be heating first, after the opening the other heating system would delay a certain time to run.

Timing reservation heating: first set the heating delay time, for example press the touch heating timer button at 8:8 am, the color of the button would turn from yellow to green.Once it’s 8:8 am, the heating system would start automatically.  

Heating timing off switch: first set the heating timing off time, for example set to 10: 10, touch the heating timer off button, the color of the button would turn from yellow to green and when it’s 10: 10, the heating system would shut down automatically.

5. Manual control and intelligent control

There is control button on the touch screen which can be switched from manual to intelligent or vice versa. Manual control allows one to start and control the conveyor artificially, intelligent start allows the conveyor to start automatically based on a certain time no matter there is or no people standing on it.

Intelligent control operation

Push the touch screen manual control button and convert the mode to intelligent control. If no people standing on the entrance station of the conveyor belt within the set time, it would stop running. If someone enters onto the belt at this time, then the belt would run automatically.

6. Parameter setting

Delayed boot time setting → Press the start button to turn on the system and set the delay time.

Exit stall time setting → If the adults lingered there and surpassed the set stagnation time unexpectedly, the alarm light would flashing to alarm people.

Exit stall time setting → The alarm light flashing to the stop time, the magic carpet would stop running.

Exit scan time setting → that is, the exit time of one customer.

Entrance → Exit Time Setting → Set the time for both the entry point and the exit port.